“This is a must read book for all those interested in transport, and concerned about the environment, their own health, the quality of life and the future of mobility. It provides an authoritative statement of the renaissance of cycling in all its facets, and each chapter is presented in a systematic, well structured, accessible and comprehensive manner through
a galaxy of international authors. It is a benchmarking book that will stand the test of time.”
— David Banister, Professor of Transport Studies, University of Oxford, UK

“City Cycling is sure to become the key reference work for academics, advocates, technicians and politicians seeking to increase cycling in the United States. This impressive
book thoroughly documents the individual, community, and national benefits of getting more people on bikes and proposes specific measures for making cycling safe and
feasible for everyone. Pucher and Buehler leave the reader no choice but to act.
— Andy Clarke, President, League of American Bicyclists

“With an overwhelming global demand for cycling solutions, City Cycling is being published at exactly the right time. It makes a clear case that cycling is the answer to big global
problems. Readers are treated to unparalleled cycling expertise with extensive content from international contributors and a great collection of case studies. City Cycling will be a
reference point in interdisciplinary research about cycling.”
— Manfred Neun, President, European Cyclists’ Federation